5 Warning Signs that Your Car Brakes Need Repair

It is important to know when car brakes need repair so that the vehicle is never operated in an unsafe or dangerous condition. Since the brakes are needed in order to stop the vehicle these are a critical safety component that should be kept in top shape. There are some warning signs that indicate immediate auto maintenance is required in order to prevent accidents and injuries.

Car Brakes

It is important to know when car brakes need repair so that the vehicle is never operated in an unsafe or dangerous condition.

Any unusual noises that occur when you are braking or driving should be checked out right away. When the warning light for the car brake system comes on this is also an indication that something is wrong. Another signal of problems with your brakes is vibration in the pedal or the wheel of the vehicle. This may start as a minor issue and then get worse over time.

If you notice an unusual smell when you are driving, your braking system may need to be repaired or components may need to be replaced. Another symptom is requiring more pressure in order to slow down and step. If it seems harder than usual to push on the pedal then you should have a mechanic check this problem out thoroughly.

1. Unusual Noises from the Car Brakes

One symptom of problems with any car brakes is unusual noises. These may include screeching, squealing, a metal on metal scraping, or other ear piercing sounds that can occur when system components become worn or rub on each other. If you suddenly hear unusual sounds when driving or braking then you should visit a repair center as soon as possible.

2. The Brake Warning Light Means Auto Maintenance is Needed

A big part of proper auto maintenance is paying attention to the warning lights that newer vehicles have on the dashboard. One of these lights is used to indicate that there is a problem with the car brakes that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Ignoring this warning light could cause the vehicle to be operated when it is not safe to do so.

3. The Wheel or Pedal of the Vehicle Vibrates

Vibration can indicate that there is an issue with the car brakes, and this may be felt in either the steering wheel or the brake pedal. If you notice that the wheel vibrates as you are driving or you can feel vibrations in your foot when pressing down on the problem you should have the vehicle checked out right away. Chances are that you will need a brake job. This will ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

4. An Unusual Smell When Driving

One of the most common reasons for a trip to an auto maintenance and repair center is an unusual smell that occurs when the vehicle is being driven. At times, this can be caused by friction or excessive heat buildup in the car brakes and other system components of the vehicle. Never ignore an unusual or unpleasant smell because this can indicate a serious problem.

5. More Pressure than Usual is Required to Slow Down and Stop

If you suddenly notice that it is getting harder to use the car brakes, this can be a sign that the pads need to be replaced or other components need to be serviced or repaired. An auto maintenance specialist can look at the vehicle and determine whether there is an issue with the braking system.

When was the last time that you had your car brakes repaired, replaced, or serviced? What signs did you notice beforehand?